From Far Away
#6 mostly of no importance

when I think about ; what I wrote before
I see that it was of no importance
I'll try to change myself and be a better Muslim
Live a life , which Allah would like
which my Prophet would like

There were different catalysts for my decision
I went to a three-day-camp ; I prayed every day ,
and I saw the one and only reality through the speeches
of my older "sisters" and one book ; it opened
_________________________my eyes

well ; some might think I was manipulated by someone
but it's not the truth ; if you take your time to read
and see what the truth behind my religion ISLAM is ;
you'll see that I'm right and on the right track

If you read some really helpful pages,
you will get the right information about anything ; ; is one of many .
[but] ignore really ignore "Harun Yahya"
this man shows an invented religion , but not Islam

so I wish for everyone that you can feel
the same things , I do ; 'cause it's just amazing

Allahs Gesandter sagte:
„Der im Glauben vollkommenste unter den Gläubigen ist der mit dem besten Charakter.“
(Abu Huraira; Abu Dawud, Darimi)

inschAllah ermöglicht Allah uns so etwas .

{für die die das Englische nicht verstehen ; der Google Übersetzer kriegt das ziemlich gut hin}

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Einschränkungen (natürlich) bei den Kommentaren austoben]
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